- and there will be many more plants to come in the Spring of 2017
cactus plants, echeveria, aloe, crassula, agave
cristate cereus and echinocereus cactus plants


Please see the "FAQ" and "ALL YOU WANT TO ASK ABOUT OUR PLANTS" buttons for full information but please note:

DESPATCH is within 7 working days (except at the height of the season when it might take a little longer)
PLANTS ARE SENT WITH LABELS BUT WITHOUT POTS OR COMPOST (this is because the compost would fall out! Oh, and also the postage would be prohibitive!)

We do not supply pots, compost or gravel etc.

We sell small plants for growing on and all our plants are ready for planting up by you in your own 3" diameter (across) pots (or other containers of your own if you want a group display)

plants in potted displays, beds and other containers are to show you what you can achieve; they often show more mature plants as on this page

cactus plants

Please use email to contact us if possible. It's the quickest way to get a response, because we are so plagued by nuisance calls that phone calls are monitored on the answering machine.

We cannot accept telephone orders; the business is internet only and we do not have any facilities for callers at the Nursery

Please watch this space!!

NEW!!! Flowering cacti collections - guaranteed to flower this spring! - unnamed but different plants - 5 for 8.75 and 10 for 15
Lithops collections - unnamed but different plants - 5 for 8.75 and 10 for 15
See Mammillaria hahniana - larger plants, guaranteed to flower this spring, but at the normal price. A bargain!!
We only have the plants listed here for sale at the moment. However the plants we offer are always changing so please check in regularly for updates!


And now ~ Welcome to Glenhirst Cactus Nursery!

We have a wide range of beautiful cacti and succulents for sale including lithops (living stones), epiphyllums (orchid cacti), hardy cacti and succulents for the garden and even specially grown prickly pear cacti (opuntias) for tortoise food! We also offer a selection of books, where you'll find titles providing a wealth of information on growing cacti and succulents

We can deliver our plants to all parts of the UK and the EU.

We have tried to give you as much information as possible about these fascinating and exotic plants many of which have originated from the drier areas of the world. As well as listing the plants we include descriptions, large full colour photographs, plus a range of articles - please press the "all you want to ask about our plants" button above, and you will find all sorts of advice on how to grow and display your plants successfully.

Don't know where to start? Take a look at our low cost plant collections; there's something there for everyone and they are an ideal and low-cost introduction to the world of cacti and succulents.

GOOD GROWING! From Neville & Shirley Bell
Glenhirst Cactus Nursery UK