Parodia chrysacanthion


The purpose of this series of articles is to provide a free source of information on the topics which we are most asked about. This information is based on over thirty years of experience of growing cacti and succulents at the Nursery.

All articles have lots of pictures and illustrations so please be patient while they load.

Cacti for Beginners - Cacti and succulents basics
Echeverias for Everyone - A detailed guide with everything you need to know about this fascinating genus
Growing Aeoniums - Hints and tips on getting the most from your aeoniums
Growing Seeds - Raising cacti and succulents from seed
Growing Tips - Advice on growing and caring for your plants
Opuntias for Tortoises & Iguanas - Delicious treats for your hungry reptiles!
Plants for Free! - A guide to propagating your plants from cuttings, offsets and self-collected seed
The Great Escape - Displaying cacti and succulents in outside beds, borders and pots
The Succulent Conservatory - Easy care, low maintenance plant displays for conservatories and garden rooms
Cowboys and Indians Garden
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- Get your kids interested in cacti by creating a Wild West desert!
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